Hangar Doors - H200 LUCIDDOOR - H200

Hangar Doors - H200

Luciddoor manufactures doors for very large openings. Our product range is hangar doors, industrial doors, commercial doors, dock doors, shipyard doors, crane doors and bridge crane openings.

Industries served include manufacturing industry, mining and mineral processing, sandblasting and painting facilities, energy, recycling, shipyards, commercial buildings, aircraft hangars and distribution centers. Luciddoor's vast experience in manufacturing hangar doors has proven that our vertical folding doors are the best solution in large-scale door locations. Although lightweight in structure, they provide excellent thermal and sound insulation and are durable. Please check our site for various product alternatives and a wide range of colors for every need. We manufacture our custom industrial doors, crane doors and partitions from standardized components according to client specifications. Our products are extremely reliable and have minimal service requirements. All our vertical folding doors are CE approved and comply with applicable standards. In very large openings such as hangar door openings, width and height are not limited thanks to Luciddoor's mullion solution. Luciddoor offers solutions for doors to be used in harsh environments where the requirements are demanding. Luciddoor engineers design each door by fulfilling special customer demands and calculating the desired wind load. General information
- CE certified.
- Requirements of EN 13241-1 standard are met.

- Wind class: All wind classes

- Maximum door sizes: See our door size table.
Door fabric
- Resistant to mold, UV and fire.
- Heat insulated
- Weight 850-900 g / m²
- Tear strength: 500/500 N
- Tensile Strength: 4000/4000 N / 5 cm
- Heat and frost resistance range: + 70 ° C, -40 ° C
- Best functionality up to - 35 ° C, in arctic fabric up to -60 ° C
- Curtain options: windowed, arctic fabric, soundproof, anti-theft.
Other materials and surface treatments
- Header box: hot dip galvanized steel or painted material
- Guide rails: made of aluminum or painted material
- Bottom section: painted steel
- Intermediate section: aluminum or steel truss
- Mullions: sandblasted, primed and painted
- Other parts: aluminum, nylon, stainless steel

Electrical system
- IP54 dust and water resistance class.
- Motor voltage: 3x 230/400 V 50 Hz
- Operating voltage: 24 V
- Motor rating: 1 - 50 kW / Motor
- Torsion: from 400 Nm to 4800 Nm
- U value per door leaf: 0.71 W / (m²K)
(0.57 W / m²K with additional insulation)
- Sound insulation value: ≥ 25 dB


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