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Luciddoor - About Us

LUCIDDOOR was established with an entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit in order to provide services and goods for the needs of the door sector. LUCIDDOOR constantly improves its production quality and itself.

We offer complete solutions including project design, sales, production, assembly and after sales services.

In recent years, LUCIDDOOR has completed various prestigious projects in Turkey and abroad, from industrial and commercial enterprises to logistics facilities.

The growth that took place in a short time turned into stability over time and LUCIDDOOR has taken its place among the respected and reliable institutions of the door and entrance systems sector. The innovative approach, quality guarantee and customer-oriented vision of the LUCIDDOOR brand have been the main factor in reaching this position.

Our company, with its competent technical and administrative staff and ever-growing capital, contribute to Turkey's economy with its machine park.

LUCIDDOOR, with its human-focused sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial and dynamic structure that can take risks, has succeeded in being a pioneer in the industry by standing out among the organizations coming from all over the world with its achievements.

LUCIDDOOR's project management with its expert staff and team work is taking firm steps towards becoming a Turkish brand that is recognized and sought in the world with its cutting edge technology used in numerous activities, ranging from preparing offers to the supply and processing of quality materials, from all over the world, on time and at an affordable cost.


Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.