High Speed Interior Door With Aluminum Structure LUCIDDOOR - A180

High Speed Interior Door With Aluminum Structure

LUCID A180 features a door curtain made up of modular sections instead of a full curtain.

This way, in case of any damage to a part of the curtain, the damaged section can easily be replaced without the need to replace the full curtain.

The A180 offers two alternative bottom sections: rigid (aluminum) and flexible.

High speed doors are prone to collisions with forklifts which may cause damages. The A180 features an optional anti-crash system which minimizes the damage sustained and prevents the door from failing in the event of a collision.

LUCID A180 is an excellent choice for areas with heavy personnel or forklift traffic. The aluminum intermediate sections between modules of fabric give the door leaf extra strength and prevent the door leaf to get deformed under positive or negative pressure.


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